NOTE: This is not a real workshop. it is for online interface testing only.

Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings has perfected the art of extracting fiber from the atmosphere by sonorous densification of oxynitrogen with repetitive assonance and dissonant meter.
Once fibrified, thplanet-clip-art-507417is normally ephemeral substance can be entangled with the tips of specially treated knitting needles and crochet hooks, and quickly hooked and looped into stunning works of diaphanous cacophany.

Kit fee (1 Ningi or 30 Altairian dollars) includes your choice of 3 pairs of needles or 3 different gauges of crochet hooks, plus 1 pair of semantic-filtering ear plugs.
Additional needles, hooks and plugs will be available for purchase.

Workshop start: 3:30pm
Duration: 6.023×1023 μs