Making Your Next Statement

This workshop will be an interactive discussion to help students translate their ideas into their own designs.  Discover how to develop a word or a concept into a vision.   Using a variety of images and “idea pushers”, you will be inspired to make that “one-of-a-kind” garment that will express a personal statement or speaks to individual ethnicity and culture!  A garment that is a true reflection of you!  Students are encouraged to bring along their favorite patterns and a selection of fabrics they might want to use.   There is no sewing in this class.

Supplies for the workshop:


Pencil or pen


Images or ideas you want to explore 

Sense of adventure along with a sense of humor


There will be a limit of 20 participants.  In person only

Roosevelt Room Q80 1:30 – 4:30

$65 for non-members ($45 for PenWAG members)