Fascinated by clothing as a design concept but frustrated with all the complexities of European haute couture?  This class is for you!

Beginning with a survey of Japanese classical design – simple, timeless shapes – we cover a wide range of creative concepts: how to maximize design while minimizing waste in fabric; how to make easy to wear, comfortable fitting clothing; and how to design fashions to create the most impact in the market place.

All of this is done through analyzing the simple common denominators of what is known as “ethnic” clothing.  In addition to the Japanese, we take a close look at classical Chinese, South American, African, and Middle Eastern drape to arrive at the basics of simple design for a modern Western life style.

Once the basics have been covered, John will introduce the concepts behind his own unique designs.  Followed by one-on-one work with each member of the class, you will be able to create simple, basic templates for your own creations, allowing participants to leave with a large assortment of designs with which to begin their own collections.  Ideal for artists, designers, weavers, knitters, and anyone interested in a new surge of ideas and inspiration.

The Terraces of Los Gatos, 800 Blossom Hill Road,

Board room, Second Floor, Main Bldg, Los Gatos, CA.

10:00 to 4:30 PM   6 1/2 hour workshop

Class size: 16 students

Materials List: Marshall 2017 supply list-1