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Here’s a quick overview of the
PenWAG 2015 classes and workshops

Remember that registration for a workshop does not open until two months before the workshop. Visit the Workshops Schedule  page for more information on class registration.

January 10 – Ericka Engelman
Lecture:  Couture Sculpture in Garments
Workshop: Sew It, Stuff It, Wear It

February 14-16 – Mary Ray
Lecture:  Mary Ray Trunk Show

Workshop:  Choosing Fabric to Match the Design
Multi-Day Workshop: A Jacket Made Especially for You

March 14 – Marico Chigyo
Lecture:  Sashiko Trunk Show
Workshop:  Chigyo Sashiko

April 11 – Margot Silk-Forrest
Lecture: What Could You Create If You Weren’t Afraid You’d Fail?
Workshop:  Covering Shoes With Fabric

May 31 – ArtWear 2015

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Palo Alto

June 13-14 – Kay Khan
Lecture: Textile Sculpture
Multi-Day Workshop: Extreme Quilted Jewelry

July 11 – Potluck and Sewing Works August 8 – Charlotte Kruk
Lecture: Consumer Couture – The Politics of Having
Workshop: An Unconventional Tote for Your Conventional Carryalls

September 12 – Ana Lisa Hedstrom
Lecture: Ana Lisa Hedstrom Trunk Show
Workshop: Sewing Machine Katano Resist

October 10 – Jean Cacicedo
Lecture:  Creating the Obiko Archive
Workshop: Composition Through Color

November 14 – Frank Lima

Lecture: The Great Morgani
Sue Hans Keys Workshop: Collage on the Edge

December 12 – Potluck, Stashorama and Auction, and Election of Officers