August 14, 2021: A Behind the Scenes Tour with Charlotte Kruk

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August 14, 2021: A Behind the Scenes Tour with Charlotte Kruk

Charlotte Kruk is known for her sculptural garments and accessories made from candy and food wrappers.  How does she magically transform these unusual materials into works of art?  Join us for a peek at the magic behind the curtain!

Charlotte is currently exhibiting with “Pivot” through “Curated by the Sea” in Santa Cruz September 2-October 30.  Exhibiting runway/performance event with “Pivot” at the “Rio Theatre” in Santa Cruz on September 25. Kruk has been working as a High School Sculpture Arts teacher at Lynbrook in San Jose for the last 24 years and moonlighting as a professional artist.    



Genuinely purchased, meticulously unwrapped, consumed, and conscientiously collated, each wrapper is carefully stitched side by side to create new textiles, which beg to be evaluated…scrutinized. These wearable sculptures are designed to “slyly wink” at a culture that often compares women, particularly well-dressed women, to decorations, consumables, “eye candy”. Initiating dialogue on packaging, brand association, and power structure, these sculptures also direct a commentary on the gluttony and wastefulness of a disposable, packaged society.





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