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Sept 12 – John Marshall

Program:  Dealing with What’s Been Dealt
Creative Solutions to Life’s Little Challenges

Our first virtual workshop features PenWAG favorite John Marshall.


He will be sharing his presentation on the creative process, Dealing with What’s Been Dealt: Creative Solutions to Life’s Little Challenges.

From John’s description of the presentation on his website at

One question John is continually asked is, “How do you come up with ideas?” The answer is not a simple one, but we believe the basis of a very lively presentation.

Attention is focused on five to six projects as we follow them from inception to climax.

Slides illustrate intimate details of the original source for an idea; with highlights of sketches and scribbles as ideas start to formulate; the pieces are shown in progress as decisions are made concerning how they should progress (or how they take off on their own), how to turn major (and minor) setbacks into definite pluses, constructing the piece, and the completed project. A large display of John’s work is sure to spark ideas of your own.

The emphasis os on working with the materials at hand, with abundant samples, illustrating how the materials and circumstances help dictate the direction the piece is to take, and at the same time how to exercise one’s own creativity in a fulfilling manner.

Do you have a problem “child” hiding in your work room? John will be on hand to share ideas, so bring questions about your works in progress!

(We’ll have a PenWAG moderator helping manage the flow of the Q&A session for John)

Details on accessing this members special program will be distributed via the PenWAG Members mailing list.



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