In 2009, the Hall of Fame was started to recognize members who have demonstrated an outstanding dedication to the support and development of PenWAG and its members.  Nominations can be made at any time by a current member in good standing.  The Board of Directors votes on the acceptance of an inductee.

2009 Hall of Fame

Leilani Bennett.  Leilani was key in identifying that PenWAG could develop into a premier wearable arts guild if we attracted the most creative and talented speakers to inspire and instruct our members.  She and Marcia Manzo have been a dynamic duo as the leaders of the Program Team. They vet and finalize the program contributors often suggested by members, up to 2 years in advance.  Leilani has  previewed garments for ArtWear to maximize the diversity and impact of the biannual runway event.  She has also led workshops in the creative process, sashiko, doll and basket making and shared her wabi-sabi insights via a newsletter column for years.  Leilani’s body of work includes many Asian-inspired ensembles utilizing the lines, fabrics, findings and embellishments from all over the world.

Leilani conducted workshops and seminars in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Vice President in 2012.

Program Co-chair in 2004, 2007, 2008, 2014, and 2015.

Marcia Manzo.   Marcia, or “Marty” has been the other half of the dynamic duo for PenWAG’s speaker and workshop offerings. She has developed and implemented the process to support our guest artists, their workshops, the sign-up process and much more.  In addition to her PenWAG contributions, she is a renowned wearable artist who has perfected the silk scarf made from almost mosaic bits of brilliant fabrics and fibers joined by the wispiest matrix.  She has also led workshops based upon the Sewing Workshop “Plaza Jacket” which she has refined to suit so many happy members.  She never stops learning.  Marcia has also served as a Board member for many years.

Marty conducted workshops and seminars in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014 and 2015.

President in 2012.

Vice President in 2013.

Program Co-chair and Board Member in 2004, 2007, 2008, 2014, and 2015.

Gary Sasaki.   Gary was the first developer of our website.  He worked with a committee of the Board to define our needs and get us started.  His work was the basis for today’s website.  For years he also formatted the annual membership directory which was printed and distributed to all members annually.


2010 Hall of Fame

Ruth Lincoln.   Ruth is the collective memory for so many of PenWAG’s endeavors that most members say “Ask Ruth – she will know”.  She turns her detail-oriented strength into learning to do whatever it takes to keep PenWAG’s processes humming behind the scenes.  She sets up safety nets to remind others new to a task or who are slightly less organized.  She is an unfailing resource and tireless worker for any PenWAG project that needs her.  She is currently turning her attention to the website content where her knowledge of PenWAG history is invaluable.

Her own creative output is phenomenal as she finishes many ensembles including jacket, slacks, accessories and often hats including the latest techniques offered by our guest artists.

President in 2011.

Secretary in 2006, 2007.

Treasurer in 2009, 2010, and part of 2012


2011 Hall of Fame

Terri Odom.   Terri was the driving force in researching, documenting and gaining approval for PenWAG’s California and Federal non-profit, educational organization status, or 501 (c) 3 status.  She then went on to help develop PenWAG as we know it today by guiding our growth and moving us to the Campbell Community Center, organizing our meetings to have more focus on wearable arts sharing, researching and recommending our financial software, developing a budget process and working on the development of our website.  In 2007, Terri donated a large sum to PenWAG for the purpose of acquiring more prominent speakers, providing a strong base for the speakers, classes and workshops we have today.

President in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Vice President in 2007

Terri Odom

2013 Hall of Fame

Judi Seip.  Judi has changed the face of PenWAG with her branding of the organization. Her creation of flyers, postcards and other marketing materials brings attention to the guild and increased membership. Her vision for the look and feel of the newly released website was brilliant. Her work with the design team saved many hours.

Publicity chairperson 2011 through present.

Judi Seip


Kevin Roche & Andrew Trembley.    Kevin and Andy worked tirelessly to create the new, improved PenWAG website.  The face of PenWAG has once again been changed by their efforts. Their dedication to improving the public image of the guild is exemplary. Throughout their membership in PenWAG, Kevin and Andy freely offer invaluable technical guidance as well as good humor and good will.

Andy’s photographs of “Show and Tell” offerings made by members have brought the newsletter to a new and elegant level. He has facilitated the sharing of those photos on our website, Facebook, and other public media.  He has also been the main instructor for Google Apps as PenWAG operations hav migrated to cloud-based storage.

Kevin has been responsible for the maintenance of our website as WebMaster.  He continues to update our software and add new capabilities, such as the ability to use credit cards for the purchase of classes and membership.

Kevin and Andy presented a trunk show of costumes of their own design in 2008 and conducted a workshop in 2014.


Shaun Sasaki.  Shaun has served in financial capacities for many years as treasurer, auditor or tax advisor. She has been President and Webmaster as well as coordinator of the guild’s booth at the Pacific International Quilt Festival. Her efforts on behalf of the Guild to qualify for its educational 501(c)3 non-profit status with both federal and state governments took enormous hours of research and time.

Webmaster approximately 2004 – 2006

Treasurer 2007, 2008, 2011

Member at large 2010

President 2006



2015 Hall of Fame


Claire DeLucchi and Chris Lowell

In many ways it is difficult to separate these two candidates for the Hall of Fame. They came into their board positions with exceedingly similar goals.  Beginning in 2008 with PenWAG gaining 501c3 nonprofit status as an educational organization, followed by a totally revamped website and using free Google apps for nonprofits, the guild had its entry into the 21st century.


What these two members recognized was the need to organize and modernize the way we protected our important documents and performed our day-to-day business. To that end, they set about archiving our documents and business transactions in the Google Cloud. They did this under the protests of several old time board members including yours truly…. And surprisingly, I really love the change.


They have improved the way PenWAG will forever do business. This was the last step in finishing the project of making the guild a streamlined and efficient organization.  Because of their efforts, I am honored to nominate Claire DeLucchi and Chris Lowell to the PenWAG Hall of Fame. Their vision to document our business practices while reducing to zero the endless reams of paper and notebooks for each board position was brilliant, forward-thinking and showed very professional business acumen.


Please join me in welcoming Claire and Chris to the PenWAG Hall of Fame.

Claire DeLucchi           Chris Lowell



2016 Hall of Fame


Sue Hans Keys

I would like to nominate Sue Keys to the PenWAG Hall of Fame.  Sue has held the Board position of Treasurer for several years during which PenWAG went through some major financial changes.  First: the decision to change banks.  Sue did the research and completed the switch of all our accounts to Wells Fargo.  Second: the decision to accept charge cards for PenWAG payments using card readers.  Sue negotiated with WFB for rates and set up several card readers.  She then made sure that the Quickbooks accounting system reconciled with the WFB records, including several problems on the bank’s part. Third: the decision to accept charge cards over the PenWAG website and at meetings.  Sue again worked with WFB to cancel all the card readers and set up our charge card capabilities. This change also meant changes and issues with the reconciliations with the bank.  She worked through it all.  We now have a complete sales system that accepts credit cards making stash sale, membership signups and renewals, and class signups easier for a member to complete on her own at any time.


Sue Hans Keys

Nancy Pyeatt  

I’d like to nominate Nancy Pyeatt for the PenWAG Hall of Fame because she is that
special type of member who improves any organization she belongs to. She may not
be the best known member but has helped PenWAG in various volunteer positions for
years. She does this without ever asking for the limelight or for thanks. She joined
PenWAG in the early 1990’s, a few years after it was formed; when PenWAG had 15-20
members and met in a room at Xerox Park and has been helping since then. She has
helped with sales, coordinating refreshments acting as the hospitality committee before
it existed, newsletter mailing, the library, at PIQF, the membership table, and sets up
and brings the badge board to each meeting. For years she has been a friendly face at
the Membership Table, greeting guests and members.

It takes many volunteers to make PenWAG work and Nancy represents those
members who step up and help the organization in short-term and long-term ways, in
small and big ways. She helps where she can because she feels she should support the
organization that she enjoys being part of.