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PenWAG workshops offer an opportunity for you to learn directly from some of the most amazing talents in the Wearable Arts sphere. Active PenWAG Members may register at a discounted price.
Some workshops entail an additional kit fee, where possible PenWAG will offer a bundled option that allows you to purchase both in a single step.


Jan 8, 2022

Tonje Halvorsen Workshop: Tonje Linnéa Curvy Bracelet

In this workshop taught by Tonje Halvorsen you will learn how to create with safety pins.

It is a workshop both for the experienced craftsperson wanting to try something new and for the beginners who are curious about giving this craft a try. We are going to walk through the basics of the craft, so no prior knowledge is needed.

We will go through the different techniques of how to create textures and art pieces using safety pins (28mm). After the introduction we will create curvy bracelets with help and guidance from Tonje.

Supplies: This project will use 28mm safety pins. You can purchase your own (how much will be posted later) or get a kit directly from Tonje for $20 (link to come later.)

$65.00Read more

March 26 & April 9, 2022 — Lorraine Torrence Workshop: Making and Using Bias and Straight of Grain Tapes in Garments

Class will begin with an overview of making bias and straight of grain tapes, including how to cut the tape, width considerations, suitability of different fabrics for the tape and tools for making tapes. We will also see slides of garments in which bias and or straight of grain tapes are used to embellish the garment followed by a video on making bias and straight of grain tapes and using them in garments. The assignment will be to make a garment using bias and/or straight of grain tapes as embellishments before the final class on April 9.

Students will be asked to finish garments and take photos of the garments by Wednesday, April 6, and e-mail them to Lorraine for inclusion in a Power Point slide show of the results in the second part of the class on April 9, 2022.

$65.00Read more

May 14, 2022 — Catherine Redford: Embroidered Embellishments

Catherine has more than 50 years stitching practice. Learn how she finds her inspiration and makes it suitable for stitching before stitching along with some of her favorite stitches. Make a stand-alone piece you can appliqué onto your choice of background for a picture or include on a garment or bag.

$65.00Read more

November 12, 2022 — Amber Young Workshop: Make a Swing Coat from Vintage Linens

Amber will be leading a workshop on how to make a simple swing coat from vintage linens. Suitable textiles: the linens need to be large/ or a couple that have a similar weight and complementary design. Embroidered tablecloths, vintage ticking, lightweight upholstery cottons, a few of your favorite buttons and adornment scraps, such as vintage hankies or heavy-duty lace.

$65.00Read more

Saturday Lectures (Non-Members)

Our monthly meetings feature presentations by a wide assortment of the phenomenal artists in the Wearable Arts community.
Access to the meetings is a benefit of PenWAG membership, but we welcome non-members as well.
If you are not an Active PenWAG Member, and wish to attend one of our virtual lectures, we do request a contribution of $5 for guests.

Simply add the appropriate item to your cart and check out to make such a contribution.
You will be sent registration and login links for that webinar, which are usually the 2nd Saturday of the month from 11am-12:30pm

Winter Snowflake animation
Sample Show and Tell Garment

December 11,

Member Show and Tell

Guest Registration

This is our opportunity to share members’ creations and inspire others!  Share what you’ve done in workshops, on your own, etc. by sending your clearly lit photos to Judy Seip at showandtell@penwag.org
We are excited to see your work!  We may add on a holiday bonus so stay tuned!


Winter Snowflake animation
Sample Show and Tell Garment

January 8,

Tonje Halvorsen and the Safety Pin: The Love Story

Guest Registration

This is a talk about how Tonje became an artist and fell in love with the safety pin as a medium. She will share her journey beginning with how it all started, her success and challenges, and her working process.

She will also share how an idea and garment are formed.

Winter Snowflake animation

February 12 Webinar: Paul Gallo — Fashion History from the 1970’s to 2000

Guest Registration

Paul Gallo is back by popular demand to complete his History of Fashion review.  This time he will be covering the 1970s (remember Disco?) to the 2000’s.

If you have not seen Paul before, do not miss this meeting as he delivers a highly entertaining review of fashion over the ages.

Paul comes to us from San Francisco.  He is the inventor of Gettagripclips and is also a fashion designer.
Visit his new Etsy store at www.Etsy.com/shop/paulgallosf

March 12 Webinar: April Sproule: Transformation from Technician to Artist

Guest Registration

Come along with me on my journey as a textile artist to see how letting go of perfectionism transformed my creative practice. Abandoning the need to control the final outcome of a project and work freely can be incredibly empowering.

To start out slowly by gathering information and skills, gain momentum by trying new things, and finally arrive at a place where you trust in your abilities enough to work intuitively can be a rewarding experience.

April 9, 2022 Lorraine Torrence
Webinar: Closures of All Kinds for Wearables (Zoom)

Guest Registration

Up your closure game! The presentation will include a Power Point slideshow of ideas for closures followed by a short tutorial Power Point on Covered Buttons and live Q&A. See variations of most kinds of closures, including buttons, buttonholes, ties, zippers, hardware options and more.

May 14, 2022 — Catherine Redford
Webinar: Dorset Buttons (Zoom)

Guest Registration

A traditional English craft experiencing a resurgence! Learn a little history and then enjoy a demo of how to make functional buttons you can use to embellish your next project, wear as jewelry, or just do up your cardigan. We’ll start with a basic cartwheel before we explore other options. Then it’s up to you!

June 11, 2022 — Gayle Ortiz, Lenore Kelly, Willa Scholten, et al.

Webinar: Studio Show and Tell

Guest Registration

We will tour member studios for entertainment and inspiration! Join us and see how varied workspaces are arranged and goodies are stored. Thank you to Gayle Ortiz, Lenore Kelly, and Willa Scholten who have volunteered already. If you are interested in sharing your studio please contact Michelle at Michelle@paganoonoo.com

July 09, 2022 — PenWAG Live Simulcast
Artwear For Ourselves

Guest Registration

We’ve not had Artwear in a few years – Maybe next in 2023 – AND we’ve been creating! As our first in-person scheduled meeting in some time, let’s have an Artwear show and tell just for us! We will Zoom simulcast for out-of-area members. Share your new creations with the group.

August 13, 2022 — IB Bayo

Zoom Simulcast: IB Bayo Trunk SHow

Guest Registration

Born in Osogbo, Nigeria, the ninth generation of a traditional weaving family, Bayo [pronounced Bio] learned his trade at an early age from generations of cloth artisans. He learned to weave and dye from his mother, and to sew from his father who made traditional clothing for Nigerian royalty.
Bayo began sewing at age five and remembers sitting on his dad’s lap at the sewing machine before his leg could reach the pedal. Growing up, he also learned to sell cotton, dye yarn, iron and fold, do beading and hand-embroidery.
Now based in Santa Cruz, California, Bayo adapts his reverse appliqué and quilting techniques to his contemporary fashion and tailoring practice. He combines the hand-woven, hand-dyed, and embroidered fabrics made by his family in Nigeria with other fabrics, new and upcycled, to create the uniquely designed clothing in his I.B.Bayo line.
Bayo also teaches Nigerian Batik and Reverse Appliqué workshops, and gives presentations on his family history, showing clothing that spans from past generations to modern creations.

September 10, 2022 — Dorothy Kaplan
Zoom Simulcast: Wardrobe Tour

Guest Registration

Dorothy is well known in the bay area for her fantastic handmade wardrobe. Her work features beautifully executed design details that are guaranteed to inspire. Join us for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to view her curated collection.

This is a live in-person event with a Zoom simulcast

October 8, 2022 Zoom Simulcast

Homage to Issey Miyake by Paul Gallo

Guest Registration

PenWAG favorite Paul Gallo will lead us on a visual tour of Issey Miyake’s work and influence

$0.00Add to cart

November 12, 2022 — Amber Young:
Zoom Simulcast: My Artist Journey

Guest Registration

Amber Young is the very talented designer behind Ragged Thistle Clothing. She’s a local California artist who specializes in making romantic yet functional clothing from vintage linens, slips, and assorted treasures. She will be sharing her artist journey, as well as tips for sourcing and caring for vintage linens. She will offer a smattering of vintage trims and linens as well as some of her original clothing in a trunk show.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raggedthistle/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raggedthistle/ or @raggedthistle

December 10, 2022 –Meeting, Stash Extravaganza and Potluck

Guest Registration

Scheduled to be our first in person potluck and stash exchange since 2019!

We will simulcast lunch so local and remote members can mingle! Looking for a stash exchange coordinator.

Planned for live and Zoom simulcast

This is the PenWAG year-end holiday celebration. Besides sharing excellent food and company, we get to raid an amazing collection of fabrics, patterns, and other supplies that members donate from their personal stashes, and your donations at the Extravaganza help support all the non-profit activities of PenWAG (including our scholarship fund, which provides scholarships to a high school and a college student trying to gain further education in a design career.). The more you donate, the more PenWAG can do!

Saratoga Senior Center,

13777 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga 90570

$5 Guest contribution requested of non-members

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