co-presidents Marcia Manzo and Leilani Bennett

Something occurred earlier this month and I got a tad irritated with a fellow member. But along with feeling a little pissy about the situation, I also realized how much I like and respect this person and notwithstanding my little frisson of irritation, that wasn’t going to change. Then I got to thinking that is one of the nicest aspects of PenWAG. We work together and interact but we do have our differences. Differences in how we think, act and react, differences in our lifestyles and circumstances, skillsets and abilities. And, truth be told, at times our differences lead to varying degrees of irritation.

But, we always make it work! I think that’s because we pretty much all respect one another. We certainly all inspire each other in so many ways.
If there is one lesson to be learned from this whole pandemic experience, it’s that we simply can’t take for granted the many things that make the life we lead worthwhile and fulfilling.

For my part, if I can remember that my perspective isn’t the same as the other person’s, maybe I won’t waste any emotional energy being irritated. I hope to not lose sight of how so many  people in our Guild have given and continue to give of themselves to make PenWAG the vibrant community it is. Summer is truly upon us – I hope yours is lovely and filled with much for which to be grateful!