Lecture: Underneath The Red Carpet Gown


Have you ever wanted to look closely at a red carpet gown and study the inside as well? Christian Lacroix once said that a beautifully crafted gown provokes thought, emotion, and desire. How is this achieved? The designer applies down-to-earth, time-tested and traditional sewing techniques with painstaking attention to detail. We explore how shape is created, the subtle and no-so-subtle approaches used to craft show-stopping gowns that enhance the wearer. We focus on the engineering and inner structure required to be compatible with the architecture of movement. Always remember that the woman should wear the gown rather than the gown wearing the woman!


Roosevelt Room – Q-80  Free for members; $5 guests at door


Workshop: Lingerie Techniques

Sewing lingerie is fun and easy with a few basic skills. We start with a panty and learn a few methods of applying elastic. We will also experiment with lace application techniques and edge finishes.


Adult Center Meeting Room  (C-35)

1:30 to 5:30 PM   3.5 hour workshop, No kit Fee

Class size: 22 students

$55 members, $70 guests