Sashiko, which originated in rural Japan in the 18th century and had a humble, utilitarian purpose, is now considered an art form practiced internationally.

In this workshop you will be introduced to this ancient art and it will provide the foundation you need to pursue working either traditional or more contemporary sashiko designs.  You will create a sampler of sashiko stitches where you will learn the following:  1) which threads, needles and fabrics are best; 2) how to trace a design; 3) how to start a row of stitching; 4) how to end a row of stitching; 5) how many stitches per inch are traditional; 6) how to make a perfect right angle turn; 7) what to do with intersecting lines; and 8) the rules regarding crossing over lines of stitching.

Your sampler can be used in a placemat, wall hanging, wearable art garment, or whatever you choose.  You will have time to practice stitches, learn techniques and ask questions so you are confident in using these techniques.  You will take away the basic rules and techniques for creating beautiful sashiko to suit your creative ideas.