Kenneth D. King Design heads a small haute couture house that has a distinct aesthetic identity. King produces one-of-a-kind, made to measure pieces for women and men, as well as limited-edition pieces for boutiques. These include:

  • Made-to-measure evening clothes for both women and men
  • One-of-a-kind evening accessories
  • Limited-edition accessory pieces for boutiques
  • Extravagant furniture and accessories for the home

Living on the East coast, Kenneth has needed to work with more difficult fabrics to accommodate the colder climate.  Kenneth will show some techniques for working with fake fur, sewing it to itself and to smooth fabrics, and sewing with leather.  Boiled wool (felted wool) is another new favorite, so Kenneth will show his techniques for seams and edges using this thick fabric.  Materials list will be supplied.


Multipurpose Room – M-50

1:30 to 5:00 PM 3 ½ hour workshop

Class size: 20 students