Maurine Starkey is a veteran artist and designer in the computer game industry with a fine arts background.  Early in her career she studied sculpting from her mentor, Anton Benson, a graduate of the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C.  Her art has been exhibited many times in the Clark County Library, Nevada’s prestigious annual art show and in the Zomo Art Space in Los Angeles.  Her love and respect for storytelling and illustration has led her to enjoy a career of illustration for comics, magazines and fanzines.  Her work is eclectic and whimsical, mixing many mediums together in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional.


Lecture:  History of Carnival Arts


The morning presentation will be a power point slide show with a quick history of the Venetian Carnival, followed by a list of the various traditional masques and their origin: Bauta, Volto, Medico della peste, Zanni, Muta, Pantalone (old man), Arlecchino (harliquin), and Colombina.  The Colombina will be the blank used for the afternoon workshop.  Several pictures will be shown as examples of the variations and versatility of this particular shape.


Roosevelt Room – Q-80

Free for members; $5 guests at door


Workshop:  The Art of the Venetian Mask


The afternoon workshop will start with trimming and cleaning the blanks; next is painting, then choosing decorative elements brought from home or from the workshop collection.  Painting, decoupage, fabric trim, and finish gold metal ornamentation techniques will be used.  The wrap up will be adhering the ribbon ties, finishing, and stabilizing the backs of the masks.  The final finish will be a walnut stain.  Members of the class are encouraged to bring personal items for trim and finishing.  Supply list_Starkey


Activity Room – E-46

1:30 to 5:00 PM 3 ½  hour workshop

Class size: 20 students

$45 members, $60 guests  

Headshot2 06Mask_Painted 05Mask_Woodland 05Mask_CandyWrappers 04Mask_Classic2