Lecture:  The Holly Badgley Trunk Show


Holly Badgley was brought up in an artsy household on the central coast of CA.  As an artist, her interest was in painting.  In the 70’s her time was split between France and Morocco.  There she was introduced to the rich art of Kandinsky and Sonia Delaunay as well as the rich tribal textiles and Kasbah architecture.  Upon returning to the states she immersed herself in blending these disciplines.  Holly will take us on a journey of her development as a textile artist in her presentation/trunk show.


Orchard City Banquet Hall – OCBH  (NOTE ROOM CHANGE)

Free for members; $5 guests at door


Workshop:  Wild Vests


The workshop will be a fun take on embellishing, printing and stitching your most treasured fabrics into a “wild vest”.  We will assemble panels from your favorite vest pattern.  Holly will bring elements to use: scraps, organza for overlaying, and silk screens.  Participant should bring their own pre-washed medium weight fabrics, such as raw silk or linen, featuring indigo or hand dyed, threads to coordinate or contrast with your fabrics and a sewing machine, scissors/pins etc.  The vest pattern should be simple with no darts.  Fabrics should not have prints on them.  The background of the fabric should create a color block to highlight the embellishment.  That said, you can get as wild as you like!

Sept 2016 supply list

Multipurpose Room – M-50

1:30 to 5:30 PM 4 hour workshop

Class size: 25 students

$45 members, $60 guests  

Headshot - web Multi ves - web Blue jacket - web Black vest - web Blue vest - web Red vest - web