Lecture:   Color in a New Light


Tobin W. Keller will present and demonstrate the glorious use of color theory as-well-as the limited palette of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) colors, sometimes referred to as process colors.  A brief historic overview along with contemporary uses of color will help to illuminate the unlimited possibilities on fabric printing and painting.  He will also discuss his own application and experimentation with CYMK color combinations on his printed silk fabrics.


Roosevelt Room – Q-80

Free for members; $5 guests at door


Workshop:   CMYK Liquid Dyes on Silk


After a brief demonstration of screen printing on fabric each participant will be given a piece of white silk broadcloth (18” x 22”) to explore and experiment using CMYK liquid silk dyes.  In this guided session four screen printing stations will be set-up for each of the four colors.  Participants will be able to move freely from one station to the next playing with printed overlays of color.  All swatches will need to be steam set to make the dyes permanent.


Multipurpose Room – M-50

1:30 to 4:30 PM   3 hour workshop

Class size: 20 students

$55 members, $70 guests