Lecture: Creative Elegance and Personal Style


Blending far-out creativity & down to earth practicality is the challenge of every designer. Whether you’re creating an “over-the-top showpiece” or making original garments for your personal wardrobe, or a quilt or surface design project; you’ll want your own flavor of design to shine right along with your excellence of workmanship. Kayla will discuss the dance of using your bold and playful imagination while maintaining impeccable construction techniques. Find out Kayla’s tricks for defining a projects parameters and making the best design decisions as your one-of-a-kind piece progresses step-by-step to artistic refinement. Slides of projects from the sketch & supplies stage to the finished project are filled with inspirational surprises. On display will be Kayla’s Crème de la Crème Bernina Fashion Showpieces as well as her easy and elegant silk art-to-wear garments and innovative art quilts. Kayla is sure to send you off feeling fully inspired and ready to take that next step on your own path of creativity and signature style.


Roosevelt Room – Q-80

Free for members; $5 guests at door


Saturday Workshop: Treasured Fabric Pieces


Combine your Treasured Fabric Bits and/or create an abstract fabric collage to embellish a silk printed image, create your own signature colorful garment or accessory.  You can also learn the fine art of the exquisite roll-hem edge and will be able to use this technique on many projects to come.  Creativity, color decisions and techniques will all be explored in this workshop.  Kayla will bring many samples of her innovative techniques for inspiration.


Multipurpose Room – M-50

1:30 to 5:00 PM   3.5 hour workshop

Class size: 20 students

$55 members, $70 guests  Kayla Sat 2018 supply list.docx



Sunday workshop:   Make a Tunic or Two


Make a Tunic or Two:  Come sew along with Kayla using Vogue Pattern 9188.  Kayla will share her tricks as your one-of-a-kind piece progresses step-by-step to fit and artistic refinement. Impeccable construction techniques will be presented as well as playful creativity & down to earth practicality. This will be a fun class all day with a master wearable artist!


Location:  NOTE: Changed from original location!

The Terraces of Los Gatos, 800 Blossom Hill Road
Board Room, Second Floor, Main Building, Los Gatos, CA

10:00 to 4:30 PM   6 1/2 hour workshop

Class size: 18 students

$85 members, $100 guests     Kayla Sunday 2018 supply list.docx